Kicking Goals, it’s Only Chest Pain Mate!

Case Study

Colbrow Medics provides Event First Aid Medics and Sports Trainers to all types of events and sporting clubs, including Football, Baseball, Netball, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, F45, CrossFit as well as Horse and Pony Clubs.  Whilst covering a junior football club on Sunday in Melbourne, a player from the masters football team who had just finished their game, complains to bystanders and fellow team mates of chest pain.  His concerns were dismissed until a concerned player called our Event First Aid Medic over to assess him.

PHx- Patient History

– Healthy 56 yo male just played a football game while son plays Auskick

– Finished game and went to change room with team mates

– Complains of chest pain immediately to team mates

– Spends more than 10min with chest pain with other parents and players dismissing it as not of significant concern as he just played football

– Pt had transient ischaemic attack (TIA) 3 weeks ago (stroke), didn’t tell anyone on his team or others

– Medications include aspirin due to recent TIA episode

– Nil allergies


O/A – On Arrival

Pt sitting in change room with team mates around him with teammates laughing and chatting with no signs of concern!



O/E – On Examination

Initial Eyeball Assessment

– Medic ascertained pt complains of intermittent 10/10 chest pain ‘across whole chest’

– Pt is diaphoretic

– Pt is pale

– Pt is clammy

– Medic identifies these as signs of acute coronary syndrome

Call to 000

– Medic takes a full set of vital signs

– Equal hand strength and facial muscle strength bilaterally, nil signs of stroke

– PEARLA (pupils equal and reactive to light and accommodating)

– Auscultation: minor wheeze bilaterally, equal air entry bilaterally, no signs of respiratory distress, speaks full sentences, just played football match.

Vital Signs:

RR: 22

HR: 125

BP: 120/90

BGL: 5.4

Spo2: 93-95 on room air

GCS: 15

Skin: Diaphoretic, Pale

10/10 Chest Pain


Rx – Treatment

– Medic instructs people to leave change rooms and lower voices to reduce stressors

– Medic informs patient an ambulance is required as a precaution for him

– Medic liaises with event site contact

– Medic instructs teammate to collect the Junior Football Club Defibrillator as a precaution with intention of placing defibrillator pads on the patient’s chest in case of cardiac arrest

– Positions patient on soft bench

– Patient administers 300mg Aspirin orally

– Reassure and calm patient who is now screaming in pain and clutching chest



Ambulance Victoria Paramedics arrived within 5 minutes and the patient was transported immediately to Frankston Hospital for further assessment and likely surgery.  The patient had a positive outcome and this case study highlights the need for confident, experienced First Aid Officers or Sports Trainers to be covering Sports &  Football Clubs throughout Victoria.  Colbrow Medics will continue to provide professional, high level first aid cover at all sporting club events.