Immunisation & Flu Vaccinations (FluVax) Services

Colmed Group can provide the following onsite workplace flu vaccinations and immunisation services which will compliment your infectious disease risk mitigation and business continuity plan. Our Nurse Immunisers will provide onsite workplace flu vaccines throughout Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Shepparton, Bendigo, Horsham, Wangaratta, Wodonga, Sale as well as Sydney.

Corporate Flu Vaccinations / Influenza Vaccine / Flu Shots for workplaces

The flu is a highly contagious viral infection which contributes to the hospitalisation of over 18,000 Australians each year.  It is important that as many people as possible receive their annual flu vaccination each year to minimise the impact of the flu on the health of individuals, communities, businesses and the capacity of our health system.  Influenza significantly weakens the immune system and makes an individual more susceptible to other illnesses and complications.  The elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions are at higher risk.

Protect yourself or your workplace with your annual flu vaccination.  Colmed Group can provide the following onsite flu vaccination services:

  • Allocation of Registered Nurses to your workplace – Sydney or Melbourne
  • Current FluVax Quadrivalent vaccine for as many staff, contractors or employees as required
  • Healthcare Professional Advice
    o Current health risks
    o Whether to seek medical assistance
    o What to do next
    o Rest and reassurance
  • Onsite workplace flu vaccinations for corporate clients
  • Onsite flu shots for schools & universities
  • Onsite fluvax for construction & mining

Colmed Group’s onsite flu vaccinations, flu shots and immunisation services are delivered by qualified and experienced Nurse Immunisers who are current Registered Nurses. Our onsite immunisation service is all inclusive of flu vaccinations, consent forms as well as appropriate equipment.

All Colmed Group Healthcare Personnel are trained, equipped experienced in the policies and procedures of Infectious Disease Risk Mitigation and Virus Response Management.  Contact us today to mitigate the risk of influenza on your business operations.

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