Fire Warden

Emergency Management – Fire Warden

Fire wardens play an important role in ensuring that your event is prepared in case of a fire emergency. This risk shouldn’t be underestimated, and along with your emergency plan, fire wardens are key figures to ensure your event is prepared for any emergency situation including a fire.

Colmed Group fire wardens are there to assist in preparing for and managing a safe evacuation of the area in the event of fire and will ensure that the designated areas have been cleared. They will direct everyone to leave the site, guiding them to the appropriate routes and exits.

Our Fire Warden will inspect and provide advice on:

  • Implementing and Improving effective emergency procedures
  • Monitoring the adequacy of the fire risk control measures
  • Raising awareness about fire hazards that exist at the event
  • Instructing staff in how to respond in an emergency
  • Leading fire drills and evacuation procedures
  • Checking all escape routes and exits


All Colmed Fire Wardens hold the following:

Fire Warden
fire warden
fire warden
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