Lifeguards & Lifesavers- be safe in and around water

Pool& Open Water Lifeguards/ Surf Lifesavers

Colmed Group provides Pool Lifeguards, Surf Lifesavers and Open Water Lifeguards to private events, local councils and chartered boat tours throughout Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Colmed Group employs professional Pool and Open Water Lifeguards and Surf Life Savers in order to protect and patrol events, beaches and pools.  Colmed Lifeguards are easily identifiable in bright red hats and rash shirts and therefore easy to approach and are available to cover any event 365 days a year.

Qualifications & Experience that Colmed Lifeguards hold:

  1. First Aid Certificate
  2. Advanced Resuscitation Certificate
  3. Bronze Medallion
  4. Pool Lifeguard Skillset
  5. Work with Children Check
  6. Police Check

Equipment which Colmed Lifeguards carry:

  1. First Aid Trauma Kit
  2. Rescue Tube
  3. Automated External Defibrillator
  4. Portable Oxygen Unit
  5. Spinal Management

Lifeguards have a high level of physical fitness and are required to undergo a physical test comprising an 800m pool swim to be completed under 13 minutes; a 300m – 500m ocean surf swim, followed by a 300m – 500m ocean surf rescue board paddle, followed by a 300m – 400m beach run, followed by a 300m – 500m ocean surf swim, 300m – 500m ocean surf rescue board paddle, and concluding with a 300m – 400m beach run and simulated board and tube rescues, all within a specified time period (distance subject to conditions). Having a certified lifeguard covering your event, for example Dragon Boat Races, Obstacle Runs that include pools etc. therefore increases the safety of such events.

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