Medical Workforce Supply

Onsite Medical Assistance Teams

Colmed Group has large workforce resources and the capacity to deliver Medical Assistance Teams (MAT), throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and internationally. Our MAT Teams consist of a group of Critical Care Doctors, Critical Care Nurses and Registered Paramedics who can provide an advanced level of clinical care onsite with the aim of reducing the impact on local emergency services and hospitals.  MATs are often deployed to disasters when there are not enough resources to have all casualties transported to hospital.  This is a similar logistical challenge faced by major events.  Sourcing from an extensive workforce pool, Colmed can provide a full scope of healthcare practise (MAT3) including: Rapid Sequence Intubation (RSI), Cardiac Arrest (ACLS level), management of drug overdoses, full medical intervention capability including administration of IV fluids, medication as well as primary healthcare.

Our multidisciplinary Medical Assistance Teams are usually deployed to high risk workplaces and events where there is a possibility for employees or patrons to require critical care medical service, or medical services beyond the level of first aid, such that these patients can be assessed, treated and either rapidly moved to a hospital environment for continued care, or be treated and discharged onsite, delaying or preventing a hospital presentation.

Practically, this means that patients at our medical tents are able to obtain the kind of expert critical care they’d typically receive in a hospital Emergency Department.  No need for waiting for an ambulance or the time to get to hospital; a high level of critical care is available on the spot.

Ensure your workplace, event or site is covered by our highly skilled and equipped Medical Assistance Teams.

Early Access, Early Invention, Saves Lives – Case Study

Our MAT Service includes:

Our Medical Assistance Teams are Equipped with:

  • Provision of healthcare equipment and staff to turn room into temporary clinic for employees, residents or visitors
  • Can provide initial screening in line with state department guidelines for health services
  • Helps reduce wait times for your employees to get access to healthcare
  • Staff trained and equipped with appropriate PPE
  • Support to government and other health services
  • 8 hours to setup
  • Can setup in parkland, car park or existing building
  • Triage through to resuscitation facility
  • Up to 25 low acuity beds per facility
  • Up to 3 resuscitation beds per facility
  • Existing equipment ready to be deployed
  • Systems, procedures and framework tried and tested
  • Experience delivering in areas of surge
  • Suitable to provide temporary quarantine facility
  • Staff trained and equipped with appropriate PPE
  • Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Alice Springs & Darwin
  • Stretchers
  • Oxygen (Static / Portable)
  • Syringe Drivers
  • Ventilators
  • MERT Kit
  • MERT Oxygen Resuscitator Kit
  • Portable Intubation Kit
  • Satellite Phone
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