First Aid Audits

First Aid Audits – Supplies and Auditing Services

First Aid Kit Audit

Colmed Group offers First Aid Kit Audits of workplaces throughout Melbourne. Our First Aid Services Auditor will manage your first aid kits and supplies by making regular on-site visits to ensure stock levels are maintained, in date and to attend to any specific first aid needs you may require. Whether your workplace has 5 first aid kits or 100 first aid kits and first aid stations, we will tailor our first aid services to your needs.

AED Audit

Colmed Group offers you a set and forget process to keep your AED in working order. You will receive reminders to replace pads and/or batteries or to book in an appointment with a First Aid Services Auditor. The Auditor will check that your AED is fully stocked and consumables are in date, replacing expired pads and flat batteries and run a user test to ensure your AED is ready to go.