Colbrow Medics: Urgent Medical Services

Colbrow Medics is responding to requests from Australian businesses for urgent medical services to compliment their business continuity and risk mitigation plans to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our services have extended well beyond event medical services and we can now offer a range of services.  Please call 1300 550 123 and speak to one our consultants.


1. Clinical Consult Telephone – 24/7 Medical Advice Hotline service


2. Workplace, University or School First Aid Responders & Sick Bay Support

  • Fully equipped with PPE and training
  • Colbrow Personnel trained in infection control with appropriate use of PPE
  • Minimise employee downtime
  • Comprehensively managed service including first aid kits and supplies
  • Strong clinical governance and clinical support
  • Provision of Medical Personnel to help meet sick bay surge
  • Establish temporary sick bay if not already onsite
  • Urgent Medical Services Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra & Hobart



3. Low & High Volume: Colbrow Virus Fever Screening (VFS)

  • Helps to protect workplaces from people with symptoms of Virus
  • Low Volume with thermometers
  • High Volume with thermal imaging cameras
  • Helps protect business continuity for essential services
  • Deters people with symptoms from trying to attend workplace
  • Risk to workplaces of having to shut for 48 hours if suspected virus cases detected and up to 14 days if confirmed virus case detected
  • Staff trained and equipped with appropriate PPE
  • Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra & Hobart
  • More information here:














4. Infection Control Training



5. Onsite Health Clinics / Deployable Health Services

  • Provision of healthcare equipment and staff to turn room into temporary clinic for employees, residents or visitors
  • Can provide initial screening in line with state department guidelines for health services
  • Helps reduce wait times for your employees to get access to healthcare
  • Staff trained and equipped with appropriate PPE
  • Support to government and other health services
  • 8 hours to setup
  • Can setup in parkland, car park or existing building
  • Triage through to resuscitation facility
  • Up to 25 low acuity beds per facility
  • Up to 3 resuscitation beds per facility
  • Existing equipment ready to be deployed
  • Systems, procedures and framework tried and tested
  • Experience delivering in areas of surge
  • Suitable to provide temporary quarantine facility
  • Staff trained and equipped with appropriate PPE
  • Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Alice Springs & Darwin
  • More information here:

Onsite Medical Triage & Screening Services



6. Non-Emergency Patient Transport

Colmed Medics provides a high cost medical Uber-type service whereby a qualified Ambulance Attendant or Patient Transport Officer wearing full PPE,  collects unwell employees or contractors and drives them to their home before completing the required high level of cleaning of the vehicle.

  • Inter facility transport
  • Facility to home
  • Seated transport
  • Stretcher transport
  • Corporate transport for unwell employees as alternative to public transport
  • Helps divert unnecessary patients out of government health system
  • Medical Air Transport Escorts
  • Staff trained and equipped with appropriate PPE
  • Melbourne, Domestic & International Service
  • More information here:

Patient Transport throughout Victoria



7. Flu Vaccinations & Immunisation Services


8. COVID-19 Onsite Swab Testing

9. Medical & PPE First Aid Supplies

First Aid Supplies - PPE - Hand Sanitiser