Infection Control Seminar

Infection Control Seminar
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This is a non-accredited workshop which can be delivered nationally

Location:  Noble Park, Bulleen and Bandoora or your venue for group bookings

Instructor : Healthcare Professional (Registered Nurse, Paramedic or Doctor)

Principles of Infection Control for Workplace and Home Seminar


The aim of this Infection Control Seminar is to develop a student’s competence and confidence in maintaining infection control practices to minimise the risk of spread of virus. This includes understanding how diseases spread, hand hygiene, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and cleaning standards. The student will be taught techniques to minimise the risk of infection at the workplace, with customers and at home.


  • 1 Hour face to face in your venue or online via webinar
  • Legislative Authorisations : This is a non-accredited course delivered in workshop format
  • Certificate Validity Legislature : No renewal required


Students should all have access to hand sanitiser, soap and running water

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how infection and disease transmits
  • Update on current infectious threats
  • Hand hygiene using soap and water to Australian standards
  • Hand hygiene using hand sanitiser to Australian standards
  • Application, use and removal of PPE – Surgical Masks
  • Application, use and removal of PPE – Gloves
  • Application, use and removal of PPE – Eye Protection
  • Cleaning standards as per regulations for infection control of current threats

Requirements for Successful Course Completion

  • Attendance at all sections of the Infection Control Seminar is required
  • Active participation in group activities and discussions involved in the training program
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