Supporting Vietnam & Laos: Expired First Aid Supplies

Another two lots of expired first aid supplies and stock donations have arrived at their destinations – just before Christmas!  Colbrow Medics is super happy that perfectly usable expired First Aid supplies has not ended up in landfill, just because it has an expiry date! The First Aid supplies are being used to treat patients from disadvantaged communities and for much needed training purposes.

One of the places we’re supporting is the Hoa Binh Centre for Social Protection in Vietnam which serves a very poor community providing people with healthcare and access to education.  Many of the 125 people housed there may be homeless or unable to live independently, due to physical or cognitive disabilities. The Centre also houses orphans, including infants and very young children. Claire, a volunteer; contacted us a few weeks before leaving for Vietnam, which gave us enough time to courier stock to her Perth home from there she brought it to the Hoa Binh Centre.

Mel, a Super-Nurse that works with us, volunteered in Laos and provided us with a contact at the Lao Friends Hospital for Children. LFHC provide children in northern Laos with free medical care and health education and educate local medical professionals in order to prevent diseases. Their staff instruct family members on topics including nutrition, vaccinations, breastfeeding, oral health, family planning and disease-prevention.

How Colbrow Medics can assist:

We are pleased to support these organisations and look forward to continuing our relationship with them. Colbrow Medics can provide and deliver first aid supplies throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Perth. If you know of any organisations who would benefit from expired First Aid supplies, please email with the contact name and email address. As part of our service, Colbrow Medics can replace expired first aid kit contents with new first aid supplies and will ensure expired stock goes to a worthy cause. To replace your first aid kit contents, simply make an order online via or call 1300 550 123 for more information.