Quick Overview

The FRED® automatically assesses if a person needs a shock and delivers it at the right time and the right level. The FRED® will never deliver a shock if it is not required. You can never accidentally shock someone using a FRED®.

The FRED easy AED features include:

• Extremely gentle defibrillation energy using Multipulse Biowave® (biphasic pulsed defibrillation impulse, patented)
• Easy to operate
• Quick charging time: <10 seconds
• User-friendly LCD screen (text instructions, ECG curve optional)
• Visible and audible text instructions
• Standard energy settings or other energy values freely configurable
• ECG, voice and event recording
• High performance Lithium cell or NiCd rechargeable battery




• Weighs less than 1.5kg • Very effective • Very easy to use • High resolution, user friendly, LCD screens • Built-in speakers • Swiss made – high quality • Networked solutions are also available


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