COVID Marshal – be COVIDSafe this season!

Colmed Group’s onsite COVID Marshal service

A Colmed COVID Marshal plays an important role in making sure workplaces and events are COVIDSafe at all times, protecting workers, punters and members of the community.

COVID Marshals will monitor a site’s compliance with their COVIDSafe Plan and any additional industry- specific obligations that may be in place, thereby playing a vital role in ensuring everyone is following COVIDSafe principles in order to keep the site safe. Colmed’s COVID Marshals will look for ways to continually improve current COVIDSafe Plans, including hygiene & cleaning requirements, entry screening, personal protective equipment (PPE), physical distancing and other industry-specific obligations.

What are the responsibilities of a COVID Marshal?

A COVID Marshal ensures COVIDSafe Plans and High-Risk COVIDSafe Plans are implemented.
Marshals provide advice on:

• physical distancing measures
• hygiene measures
• ensure adequate ventilation
• keeping accurate and robust records (which can be audited)
• updating COVIDSafe Plans when necessary  

Industries required to have COVID Marshals (mandatory):

  • abattoirs or meat processing facilities
  • seafood processing facilities
  • poultry processing facilities supermarket distribution facilities (metropolitan Melbourne only)
  • chilled distribution facilities for perishable food (metropolitan Melbourne only)
  • ports of entry
  • hospitals
  • gyms (with cardio and strength training facilities) when staffed
  • casinos and electronic gaming rooms

COVID Marshals are recommended for:

  • distribution centres (where they are not mandatory)
  • warehousing 
  • horticulture operations using seasonal workers for seasonal horticultural work
  • care facilities
  • commercial cleaning services
  • commercial passenger vehicle services
  • supermarket distribution facilities (regional Victoria)
  • chilled distribution facilities for perishable food (regional Victoria).

Colmed COVID Marshals Qualifications

All Colmed COVID Marshals hold the following qualifications:

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