Concierge Medicine: Contract Medical Care during Pandemics

During times when resources are limited, people with special needs will require special services.

Colbrow Medics provides clients with tailored medical support Australia wide. With pandemics creating a desire for people to seek shelter or ‘bug out’ to isolated locations, Colbrow Medics supports these sites with the provision of medical services, clinical equipment, consultation and planning.

Why is our service so well suited to these types of locations?

  • Our deploy-able medical services are accustomed to being setup in remote and highly austere environments
  • We maintain large stockpiles of medical equipment and consumables that are prepared and ready to deploy
  • Large clinical workforce lead by Doctors and experienced healthcare professionals
  • We customise our services to meet the needs of each site that we work on
  • Strong existing clinical governance framework, medical malpractice insurance and accountability
  • Existing regulatory approvals for use of medications (poisons) and licenses to operate health services
  • Our teams are well versed in operational security for working in sensitive and secure environments

Who are our clients?

  • Ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI)
  • Executives or other VIPs and their families
  • Celebrities
  • International dignitaries
  • Security and Close Personal Protection firms
  • International corporations
  • International hotel brands
  • Cruise lines and super yacht owners
  • Family doctors and medical consultancy business
  • Concierge teams

What services are we providing?

  • Medical planning and consultancy
  • Clinical risk management advice
  • Provision of medical teams including ‘live-in’ medical staff
  • Supply of medical equipment including patient monitors, point of care blood testing, thermometers, ventillators and oxygen devices
  • Provision of medical vehicles
  • Supply of medical consumables and devices
  • Training on infection control and PPE
  • Telemedicine or e-health services

We are one of Australia’s leading risk management companies for complex medical requirements, specialising in austere environments.  Our CV includes working with security details of some of the biggest VIPs in the world. Our team of former military, and government medical teams are selected for their ability to operate in out of hospital environments. We travel throughout Australia and internationally to meet the needs of each specific client. Colbrow Medics services are deployed in our standard professional tactical uniforms or in civilian clothing for discrete operations, vehicles and other assets are provided in either high visibility or discrete markings.

For a confidential discussion about your tailored medical requirements, please contact us.