11 Years Later.. Thank You Sue Simmonds!

Tuesday 23 May, 2017 marked the end of the era for Colbrow Medics with one of our all-time-greats retiring with her last event at the SIS cross-country. Sue was recruited back in October 2006 when First Aid @ Events was just opening its doors with a vision to provide impeccable first aid at events throughout Melbourne. Under Sue’s leadership, First Aid @ Events grew and established itself as the leading first aid provider throughout Victoria. Unlike other providers, First Aid @ Events never let people down and always have, to this day, ensured our clients are covered.


First Aid @ Events was fortunate to have the whole Simmonds family join, known at Team Simmonds, they covered most of our events in the early years. Something which we are extremely grateful for, providing a foundation with which we could confidently keep covering bigger and more complex events.


Sue was the winner of the First Aid @ Events inaugural Medic of the Year 2008 and spent many hours providing guidance on policies and procedures as well as developing training nights for our Medics.


To quote Sue.. “I have watched the company grow and prosper and feel happy I was part of the early building of FAE with Rose and Wendy, and later Adrian. I spent many hours designing uniforms with Adrian and training courses some not entirely successful, enjoyed building up equipment and stores and of course acquiring the first FAE car, spending the bosses money always fun. As the girls left and Morgan became ill, team Simmonds became one. Have enjoyed working with many of the clients who specially ask for me to cover their events such as Cloth Nappy, SIS, Woodleigh.”

So thank you Sue!! The Colbrow Team wish you the very best with your next adventure. If you decide you are not quite ready for retirement, we will always, happily, have you back!