Why Colbrow? – A Medic’s Perspective

Paramedic Practice in Colbrow Medics

For Nursing/Paramedic students completing their first year, entering their second year of their degree, Colbrow Medics is a great way to develop your basic skills, confidence and overall knowledge of your clinical approach. When having the basics of your clinical approach, Colbrow will then provide you the appropriate setting to put your theory knowledge into practice, identifying your strengths and weaknesses whilst utilising some of your basic skill sets to gain confidence in your future field. Colbrow has a range of shifts that come with different scenarios that you will experience either autonomously or as part of a diverse team, including paramedics and nurses alike, first aiders and Doctors.

Colbrow Medics also has a great support team with qualified Nurses, Doctors and Paramedics/MICA that are available for advice, feedback and many training sessions throughout the year. Utilising your Clinical Manager at Colbrow will allow your treatments, managements and report writing grow, allowing you to develop and flourish into a great health professional.

Colbrow also allows volunteer / Student Placement opportunities for major events such as music festivals, major sporting events and much more. During these events, student are supervised by a qualified professional, giving you opportunities to practice skills, management skills and leadership skills safely and efficiently.

If you haven’t submitted your application already, I strongly recommend you start your career with Colbrow!