Not included diagnostic equipment (Colmed Medics are expected to supply their own preferred brand/model,

if you would like to purchase them from our webshop, the staff discount code applies to them):

Hygiene & PPEBandages
Anti-bacterial Hand Gel1Cotton Crepe 2.5cm2
Biological Hazard Waste Bags5Cotton Crepe 5cm4
CPR Pocket Mask in Rigid Case1Cotton Crepe 7.5cm4
Safety Glasses1Cotton Crepe 15cm2
Wet Wipes (Packet)1Heavy Compression 7.5cm6
Tissues (Small Packet)1Triangular 110cm2
Sanitary Pads2Hand Tearable Stretch Bandage1
Paper Towel5Gels and Creams
Nitrile Gloves (box)1Bite/String/Antiseptic Cream 1g4
Sunscreen Lotion Tube1
Antiseptic & Swabs
Saline Ampule15Trauma
Chlorhexidine Wipe8Steri Strips (Card)2
Alcohol Swab10Formable Splint1
Iodine Swab4
Gauze Swabs Sterile 7.5cm4Dressings
Gauze Swabs Non-Sterile (Block)1Low/Non Adherent Large4
Face Mask5Low/Non Adherent Small4
Plastic Strip DressingsIsland Dressing Large6
Standard Flesh Colour50Island Dressing Small6
Blue Catering Dressings20Island Plastic Patch Dressing6
Isolation Gown1Eye Pad (Sterile)2
StationaryCombine Dressing 10cm4
Pens2Burnaid Dressing1
Freezer Bags (Packet)1Finger Tip Dressing6
Safety Pins6
Zip Seal Bags Medium1Tape
Zip Seal Bags Large1Micro Perforated Tape1
Woven Disposable Cloth4
Guedal AirwaysMuesli Bar2
70MM – Size 1 (White)1Glucose Gel1
80MM – Size 2 (Green)1
90MM – Size 3 (Yellow)1Medication
100MM – Size 4 (Red)1Salbutamol Inhaler1
110MM – Size 5 (Orange)1Cardboard Spacer2
Paracetamol 500mg x 102
Misc InstrumentsChewable Aspirin 300mg x 81
Splinter Probes5Epipen1
Universal Shears1Diagnostic
Ear Plugs (Pair)2Pupil Pen Torch1
Plastic Cups5BSL Meter1
Small Sharps Container1BSL Strips10
Vomit Bags4BSL Lancets10
Thermal Blanket3Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (BYO Batteries)1
Instant Chemical Ice Packs4
Patient Care Records (PCR)5


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