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Size: 7.5cm
Professional grade bandages
Ideal in extreme hot or cold climate
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Elastic Crepe Bandage 7.5cm (each)

The AEROCREPE Bandage is a high quality cotton crepe bandage, recommended for low support requirements and can be used for the retention of dressings.

Conforming Crepe

  • AEROCREPE medium cotton crepe bandages are of a standard conforming nature which is durable and suitable for dressing retention and medium support requirements

Easy to Open Wrapper

  • AEROCREPE light cotton crepe bandages have a easy open tab built into the wrapper of the bandage

Includes Bandage Clip/s

  • AEROCREPE light cotton crepe bandages have a built in bandage clip for a convenient method of fastening the bandage. Larger size bandage have two clips, smaller bandages have one.

Proudly part of Colmed Group.


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