Community First Aid Trauma Kit

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Hygiene & PPEBandagesStationary
Anti-bacterial Hand Gel1Cotton Crepe, 2.5cm4Pens2
Biological Hazard Waste Bags4Cotton Crepe, 5cm4Freezer Bags (Packet)1
CPR Face Shield1Cotton Crepe, 7.5cm4Safety Pins10
Safety Goggles1Cotton Crepe, 15cm2Zip Seal Bags Medium8
Wet wipes1Heavy Weight Bandage 7.5cm4Zip Seal Bags Large2
Tissues1Triangular 110cm2Misc Instruments
Paper towel5GelsSplinter Probes (5)1
Nitrile Gloves DisposableBoxBurnaid Gel 3.5g6Universal Shears1
Antiseptic & CleaningSting/Bite Gel 25g1Professional First Aid Kit1
Saline Ampule15DressingsMisc General
Alcohol Swab20Low/Non Adherent Large4Glucose Gel1
Iodine Swab8Low/Non Adherent Small6Sanity Pads 2
Gauze Swabs Sterile 7.5cm8Island Dressing Large6Vomit Bags4
Plastic Strip DressingIsland Dressing Small6Tampons4
Standard Flesh Colour100Film 10cm x 12cm1Thermal Blanket2
AdhesivesEye Pad (Sterile)4Instant ice packs2
Micropore Tape Roll1Combine Dressing 20cm2First Aid Booklet1
Woven Cloth (Pack)1


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