Ventilator Oxylog 3000 for Hire

Hire Ventilator


  • Hospital Ventilator Hire
  • Weekly or monthly, price on application
  • Industry standard ventilator used in Australian emergency departments, ICU, ambulance, pre-hospital, retrieval, aeromedical transport and defence
  • Bio-medically serviced to Australian standards
  • Supplied with consumables including circuits and filters
  • Ships in custom Pelican case

The Drager Oxylog® 3000 offers a sophisticated performance in emergency and transport ventilation – so good it can be used to ventilate critical-care patients in transfer situations. Your patients will appreciate not having to fight what they often feel is unpleasant: controlled ventilation.

Here, the SIMV mode and other spontaneous modes can actively support a patient’s breathing. A new option is the combination of pressure-controlled and spontaneous ventilation during the entire breathing cycle (BIPAP*). Similar to a paramedic feeling the changed pressure in the bag when a patient starts breathing again, the Oxylog 3000® recognizes insufficient spontaneous breathing and can automatically support the patient’s breathing (ASB*).

If intubation is to be avoided, non-invasive mask ventilation (NIV) with leakage compensation is possible. In the event of an apnea in the CPAP/PS mode, the Oxylog 3000 automatically initiates volume-controlled mandatory ventilation after a user defined apnea time. But the Oxylog 3000 is not just distinguished by a wide range of ventilation modes. A tidal volume that starts at just 50 ml allows the Oxylog 3000 to be used for small children, while the patented blender permits a low oxygen concentration of as little as 40%. The oxygen concentration is continuously adjustable from 40 to 100%.