Festival & Event First Aid- Medical Services for Major Events

Colmed Group has a long and successful history of Festival& Event First Aid and has highly skilled First Aid Medics available to cover dance and music festivals, sporting, community and other large events.

Festival& Event First Aid requires medical and healthcare professionals, including Advanced First Aid Medics, Paramedics, Registered Nurses and Medical Doctors. Our large pool of healthcare personnel allows us to cater to all your first aid requirements. Based on the information you provide us about your music, arts or community festival or event, Colmed Group will conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure that an appropriately qualified and skilled medical team is on hand to ensure the safety of spectators, participants and members of the public alike. 

Event Organizers have a duty of care to the spectators and participants of any event that they are responsible for holding, to ensure that appropriate medical staff are on hand to provide immediate medical care to those spectators or participants, should the need arise.

Large events can include sporting, cultural and music events and festivals. As part of risk assessment and management, most insurance companies and underwriters will require event organizers or event management companies to have appropriately qualified first aid medics in attendance at these events and festivals, before insurance cover will be granted. The level of medics required will depend on the risk factors of the event, but it is not uncommon for insurers to require the first aid personnel to be paramedics, medical doctors and registered nurses so as to ensure that public liability insurance is secured.

It is also a contractual requirement of some function venues that event organizers have first aid personnel in attendance for their event at the particular venue. Without appropriate first aid cover, event organizers may be denied use of the venue. Colmed Group can deploy staff on very short notice and where other providers have been unable to help. Our extensive experience has allowed us to become expert in the management of injury risk associated with all types of events and festivals. We have provided advanced first aid medics, paramedics and other health professionals to music, arts and community events and festivals at locations throughout metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria. These events have included high risk dance and music events at locations staged at Wangaratta, Mount Buller, Albert Park Lake, Shepparton, Geelong, Werribee, Docklands and Federation Square. We have assisted event organizers to provide patrons and spectators with comprehensive medical and first aid care where patrons and spectators have consumed drugs and alcohol, where they have suffered sun-stroke, fainting spells, heart attacks and even stroke. Our First Aid services have ensured that insurance coverage is secured, which allows these public events and festivals to proceed. For all festivals and music events, Colmed Group has you covered.

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