Advanced Sports Taping (Level 2)

Taping level 2
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Advanced Sports Taping

Location:  Noble Park, Bulleen and Bandoora or your venue for group bookings

Instructor : Physio Therapist/ Level 2 Sports Trainer

Advanced Sports Taping (Level 2)


The aim of this course is to further develop the basic knowledge and skills of the Sports Trainer Level 1. The student will get a deeper insight into sport injuries and how to tape more complex (pre-existing) conditions and injuries, including knees, shoulder and achilles.

Entry Requirements

Sports Trainer Level 1


  • 2.5 hours face to face at your/our venue
  • 1.5 hours online learning

Qualification Issued


  • Legislative Authorisations : This is a non-accredited course delivered in workshop format by Colmed Group
  • Certificate Validity Legislature : No renewal required


Shave hairy body parts that will be taped in order to get tape off easily.

Learning Objectives

  • Purpose of Taping: Injury Prevention & Injury Management
  • Types of Tape/Tools
  • When to Tape/Not to Tape
  • Before and after Taping
  • Taping Shoulders, Knees and achilles
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