COVID Thermal Camera Services

Onsite COVID Thermal Camera Screening and Temperature Check Services

Improve the safety of your workplace by engaging trained healthcare personnel to provide a service tailored to your needs. Colmed Group can provide onsite thermal camera high volume fever screening services to your business. Temperature check alone will not detect illness in asymptomatic people. Having a healthcare professional onsite for secondary screening is crucial.

High Volume Temperature Screening Services – Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging (IR Cameras) as a temperatue screening tool is used as a first level mass screening tool that identifies all individuals that are above normal temperature and may have a clinical fever. Through the use of specially designed moving target thermal imaging cameras, there is little to no inconvenience to patrons as they enter through the screening area. Our High Volume Virus Fever Screen provides a more discrete way of screening crowds and performs it in a faster manner. Thermal imaging cameras are used as the primary screening point with a one to one clinician assessment including vital signs, history and full assessment as the secondary screening procedure. Colbrow’s High Volume Virus Fever Screening Station is portable and can be setup in any location where there is normal power supply. A combination of Low Volume Fever Screening Stations and High Volume Fever Screening Stations can be setup depending on your venue requirements.

covid thermal camera

Primary Screening: Thermal imaging camera (2 seconds)

Secondary Screening: Clinical Assessment including tympanic temperature reading using an in-ear thermometer (15 minutes)

Tertiary Screening: Nasopharyngeal (Nose/Throat) swab Multiplex PCR test (COVID-19 swab test) conducted onsite before the patient is sent to home isolation (15 minutes)

This three tier model leverages the benefits of Serial testing. Serial testing is more useful in some clinical scenarios to potentially eliminate the need for the second/third test.

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Are you considering setting up your own internal procedure for temperature checking at your workplace? If you have your own suitable staff who can conduct temperature checking, we also offer a Clinical Consultancy & Training service to help you setup this service.

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